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2015-08-26 Andy Golub paints Jim and Melanie in Times Square2015-08-23 Go Topless Day2015-07-18 New York City Bodypainting Day 20152015-05-03 Andy Golub paints Moniqe at the Whitney2015-03-24 Andy Golub paints Dylan2014-07-26 New York City Bodypainting Day2014-07-13 Andy Golub in SoHo2014-05-16 Andy Golub in Times Scare [sic]2013-07-31 Andy Golub paints a dozen people in midtown Manhattan2013-07-24, Andy Golub at 13th Street and 9th Ave2013-07-20 Andy Golub in Times Square2013-07-13 Andy Golub in front of the Guggenheim Museum2013-06-23 Andy Golub paints Lilith at the Guggenheim2013-06-20 Andy Golub in Chelsea2013-04-09 Andy Golub in Times Square2013-01-10 Andy Golub at ArtSucks 10th Anniversary Party, Chelsea, NY2012-09-24 Andy Golub at SoHo Gallery of Digital Art2012-08-26 Go Topless Day, New York2012-08-08 Andy Golub in Times Square2012-07-17 Andy Golub in Times Square2012-07-10 Andy Golub in Times Square2012-06-28 Andy Golub at Emmanuel Fremin gallery opening, Chelsea, NY2012-06-21 Andy Golub in Times Square2011-07-30 Andy Golub in Times Square2011-07-28 Andy Golub in Times Square and Chelsea